Introducing PMI Citizen Developer

Learn how to unlock the potential of citizen development in your organization.

Why Join the Partner Program?

Program benefits are broken down into three key areas: upskill your team, amplify your brand and drive business value.

Upskill your team

Build internal knowledge and align with PMI’s global standard for citizen development.

Amplify your brand

Associate your brand with PMI, a global not-for-profit leader as part of an exclusive global ecosystem.

Drive business value

Boost visibility and build competencies to differentiate in the market.

Partner Program Benefits

Citizen Developer Partner Program Benefits

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The Competency Scheme 

Participation in the program will allow you to differentiate in the market, by building and promoting competencies. The Competency Scheme recognizes excellent performance in different areas. You can build competencies from the list that will be provided, or we will work with you to build competencies specific to your organization. Once you have achieved a competency, PMI will share the relevant badges with you that can be used in your collateral.