Assessment: CD-Trained Practitioner

PMI Citizen Developer Trained Practitioner

Learn how to develop applications in a consistent, compliant, and scalable manner.

Earners of the CD-Trained Practitioner micro-credential have demonstrated their knowledge of the tools & methodologies needed to efficiently create effective & scalable applications using low-code and no-code platforms, solving organizations' problems. Earners understand how to determine if a problem can be solved using citizen development, effectively brainstorm solutions, evaluate the challenges that an app must overcome, gather the data & resources needed, and bring a project to fruition.

Before taking the assessment, you must complete the PMI Citizen Developer Foundation and PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner courses on the platform. After completing those courses, go to the Certifications tab and select Take the assessment in the Power Platform University Hub for the PMI micro-credential.

You can retake the assessment as many times as you need. After you’ve passed the assessment, you’ll go to the PMI website, where you’ll receive a Credly URL that verifies your micro-credential. Return to this page to enter your Credly URL, and then select Mark as completed.

Course Details

 This course consists of eight modules:

  1. Introduction - An introduction to the role and responsibilities of the PMI CD-Trained Practitioner.
  2. Hyper-Agile SDLC - This module gives you an understanding of the standard SDLC methods, as well as the additional steps and modifications we use to improve the process in Hyper-Agile SDLC projects.
  3. Ideation 2.0 - This module gives you an effective set of tools for generating ideas through an iterative process that takes advantage of the best solutions derived by you and your team.
  4. Suitability Assessment - This module gives you the insights and tools to ensure that you ask the right questions to determine whether citizen development is the right approach for your project.
  5. Business Analysis & Design - This module allows you to understand how your app works in the context of your entire organization.
  6. Project Risks & Enterprise Risk Requirements – This module gives you the insights and tools you will need to identify a project’s risks and requirements so that you can design and develop the most effective solution possible.
  7. Application Design, Development, and Deployment - This module gives you the tools you need to get your project from the idea stage through application design and development to successful app deployment.
  8. Conclusion - A review of the resources and course objectives and preparation for the PMI CD-Trained Practitioner assessment.

Demonstrate ability to apply PMI's citizen development methodology and frameworks to develop applications in a consistent, compliant, and scalable manner.

Anyone with a desire to innovate. Examples include, but aren't limited to Students, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Developers.


This course provides the best practices in citizen development methodology. You'll also receive downloadable templates and a suitability assessment to help you structure your application.

Education Requirements

Experience Requirements

Maintenance Requirements
N/A; the micro-credential does not expire and doesn't need to be renewed.

Course Length
6-7 hours

Assessment Information
20 minutes, 10 multiple choice questions; You can re-take the assessment as many times as you need.

Skills Measured

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Requirement gathering
  • Designing and building solutions
  • Risk analysis
  • Developing a framework for citizen development
  • Implementing and managing low-code and no-code platforms

What You'll Get
Micro-credential and Badge Award once you pass the assessment.

Trained Practitioner Badge