Make the Case to Attend

Just think how your organisation could benefit from your learning. We’ve drafted a letter to help you get approval to attend – follow the steps below to tailor it to you.

4 steps to getting approval 

  • Step 1: Set out the challenges you face in your role and how the quality and quantity of content at EMEA Congress will help. 
  • Step 2: Map out how you’ll spend your time at EMEA Congress. What sessions will you take part in? What vendors will you visit in our redesigned exhibit hall? And how could they help you solve your organisation’s problems?
  • Step 3: Stress the value of investing in your professional development.
  • Step 4: Need a framework for your argument? We’ve drafted a letter for you.


Sharing is Caring!

When you’re back from Prague, debrief your colleagues who couldn’t join you, so you can all start implementing what you learnt into your daily work.