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  • Factors Versus Composites member content locked

    By Hair, Joseph F., Jr. | Sarstedt, Marko Structural equation modeling (SEM) is a widely applied and useful tool for project management scholars. In this Thoughtlet article, we critically reflect on the measurement philosophy underlying the…

  • External Stakeholder Management Strategies and Resources in Megaprojects member content locked

    By Ninan, Johan | Mahalingam, Ashwin | Clegg, Stewart Megaprojects involve managing external stakeholders with diverse interests. Using an Indian megaproject case study, we discuss how the project managed external stakeholders through strategies such…

  • Investigating the Effects of Reward Interdependence and Nonfinancial Incentives on NPD Collaboration in Diverse Project Teams member content locked

    By Zhang, Zhen | Zhang, Lianying | Li, Aibin New product development (NPD) collaboration is an essential trigger for new product success. Many scholars have emphasized the reward system as an effective tool to manage NPD collaboration. Yet,…

  • A Discursive Sensemaking Perspective on Project-Based Work in Public Healthcare member content locked

    By Lunkka, Nina | Pietiläinen, Ville | Suhonen, Marjo This study investigates project participants' sensemaking of lived work experiences during periods of organizational change within Finnish public healthcare.

  • Taking a Holistic Exploration of the Project Life Cycle in Public-Private Partnerships member content locked

    By Alexander, James | Ackermann, Fran | Love, Peter E. D. Operations and projects are typically treated as dichotomous concepts; projects create assets to be operated. The segregation of operations from projects is evidenced in the generic project life…

  • Identifying Project Factors that Affect an Investor's Escalation of Commitment in Public-Private Partnership Projects member content locked

    By Liu, Jiaqi | Liu, Jicai | Gao, Ruolan | Gao, Huanzhu Oliver | Li, Yahui The study comprehensively discusses 18 project factors affecting investors' escalation of commitment (EOC) in a public-private partnership (PPP) project.

  • A Systems Approach to Project Stakeholder Management member content locked

    By Sperry, Richard C. | Jetter, Antonie Projects that make effective use of project stakeholder management (PSM) tend to run smoothly and be successful because stakeholders understand and agree with the project approaches and outcomes.…

  • Contractual and Relational Governance as Positioned-Practices in Ongoing Public-Private Partnership Projects member content locked

    By Benítez-Ávila, Camilo | Hartmann, Andreas | Dewulf, Geert This article introduces a process framework based on the realist social theory for studying governing in ongoing public-private partnerships (PPPs).

  • Contingency Release During Project Execution member content locked

    By Ayub, Bilal | Thaheem, Muhammad Jamaluddin | Ullah, Fahim Risk is inherent in construction projects and managed through contingency. Dynamic management of contingency escrow accounts during project execution poses decision-making challenges.


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