Gain Approval to Attend

Be a solution finder!

 5 Steps to Gain Approval to Participate – PMI EMEA Congress

  • Step 1: Map out how you will spend your time at EMEA Congress. What sessions will you be participating in? What vendors will you be visiting?
  • Step 2: Stress the value of investing in your professional development.
  • Step 3: What challenges are you having? Find solutions from vendors. Whether you are looking for a new business solution or how to use a current product better, there is no better place to find that solution in this year’s redesigned exhibit hall.
  • Step 4: Need a letter? We’ve drafted one for you.
  • Step 5: Sharing is Caring! Bring it home… Debrief your colleagues who couldn’t join you in Dublin, so that you can share what you learned and start implementing tactics into your daily work.