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PMI France Chapter and Region Globale Webinar: The Next Chasm...The Science of Agile with Al Shalloway

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01 July 2020

6:00pm - 7:00pm Hungary Standard Time

Region Globale Webinar

Frameworks dominate the current efforts for organizations to become more Agile. Frameworks provide ready solutions that offer immediate improvement for many. But overall success is often elusive. The reason is that no one set of practices works everywhere but frameworks are designed around practices. Disciplined Agile and FLEX take a different approach. While we recognize the need for starting with a specific set of practices, we believe these must be tailored for the organization about to adopt them.

FLEX uses theories of Flow, Lean and Theory of Constraints to provide an assessment of where an organization is diverging from effective practices. Disciplined Agile’s “Choose your way of working” provides potential solutions to help close these gaps.

This webinar presents both how and why such an assessment can be made and how it can be used to create a backlog for improving an organization.