PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2017

woman man agile project managers

PMI Global Virtual

13 September 2017

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Online (Doors open at 8:30am ET)

Learn How to Make Agile Successful at Your Organization

We know there’s no "one way" to be agile. And, there are challenges when trying to get everyone to adopt an agile mindset. Register now for the PMI Organizational Agility Conference on 13 September to get customized tips on what it means to be agile—and successful—in your work environment.

Session Highlights

  • Adopting an agile mindset–and helping others to do that too
  • Scaling – taking agile-approach models and adapting them to your organization
  • Learning how to be agile when processes aren’t

Plus, if you hold a PMI certification you can earn six professional development units (PDUs).

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Registration is free and exclusive for PMI members.