PMI Training Catalog 2022

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*2022 Dates (see below for location info)
20-21 June virtual
20-23 June 18-21 July  8-11 Aug 19-22 Sep 17-20 Oct 5-8 Dec
Achieve With Accountability: Develop a High-Performing Team or Organization Mike Evans 1 Day            X       X  
A Non-Bootcamp Review of the PMBOK® Guide  for Real-World Practitioners Joyce Brown; Thomas McCabe  4 Days
          X     X  
Adapt, Adopt. and Accomplish for Project Management Success Lisa Hammer; David Newman 2 Days     X             X  
Advanced Leadership Development: Leadership Teams Objectives and Influence Agata Czopek 2 Days   X     X         X  
Agile and the PMO: Field-Tested Approaches to Running Impactful Agile Projects Steven Martin 2 Days   X               X  
Agile Project Management: Applying Basic Agile Principles for Project Success Lisa Hammer; David Newman 2 Days                    
Agility in Leadership: Core Skills in Volatile Times Steven Martin or Bruce Gay 1 Day    X X       X        
Aligning the Organization Through Portfolio Management Mohammed Khalif Hassan 2 Days   X     X         X  
Building a Team in a Virtual, Nonvirtual or Hybrid Environment: Mastering Office Politics and Emotions in the Workplace  Lisa Hammer; David Newman 2 Days   X             X    
Building and Leading a High-Performing Team: Honing Your Communication and Motivation Strategies Kristy Tan Neckowicz 2 Days   X     X   X      
Building and Leading High-Performance Dream Teams: Formula for Success Neal Whitten 2 Days           X          
Building and Transforming the Next-Generation PMO and Portfolio Management for Today's Turbulent and Uncertain Environment Jack Duggal 3 Days X     X     X       X
Business Case—Best Practices for Success  Klaus Neilsen  2 Days      X             X  
Business Change Management—Heading for the Future Iain Fraser  2 Days                     X
Catapult Your Leadership Capabilities Using Agile Principles Steven Martin 2 Days  
X X    
Coach Your Project Team to Greatness! Maria Fafard 1 Day    X                  
Coaching and Boosting Performance Carlene Szostak 1 Day   X   X          
Common Sense Leadership for Project Managers Bob Mason 2 Days X   X     X   X    
Creating and Sustaining a Positive Work Team: Breaking the 7 Habits of Negativity and Other Secrets of Getting Along! April Callis-Birchmeier 1 Hour      X


Creative Problem Solving: Applying Nonlinear Thinking to Solve Difficult Project Management Problems Lisa Hammer; David Newman 2 Days X               X  
Creativity Tools and Techniques for Project Managers Teresa Lawrence 1 Day X       X  
Critical Tools and Strategies for Virtual Teams Carlene Szostak 1 Day X   X           X  
Demystifying Agile: A Practical, Interactive Overview of Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming Steven Martin  2 Days            X       X  
Developing Your Communication GPS to Keep Your Team (and Project) in Orbit  Kathy Mendias 4 Hours        X     X   X  
Developing Your EQ to RISE (Reach, Inspire, Serve, and Engage) Traci Duez 2 Days X
Discover Your Superpower and Unleash Your Career Kathy Mendias 4 Hours      X   X     X   X  
Disciplined Agile Product Owner Daniel Gagnon or Klaus Boedker 2 Days   X X X X  

Elicitation and Facilitation—Tools, Tips, and Techniques Megan Stowe 1 Day       X              
Emotional Intelligence for Project & Program Leadership Sunny Faronbi 2 Days X     X   X
X     X
First Steps Toward Agility: Incorporating Agile Practices in a Waterfall Environment Narenda (NK) Shrivastava 2 Days X    
Formalized and Systematic Risk Management Process for Complex Projects Esra Tepeli 3 Days X               X  
How to Apply Business Analysis Strategies for Successful Project Management Greta Blash 1 Day         X     X   X  
How to Capture Customer Requirements and Develop Project Scope Greg Githens 2 Days   X   X      
How to Design a Personal and Business Pivot  Greg Githens 1 Hour               X  
How to Think Strategically and Apply Business Acumen Greg Githens 2 Days   X     X      
Hybrid Project Management: The Best of Both Worlds Greta Blash 1 Day          X     X   X  
Influencing Without Authority: Skills for Obtaining Resources, Building Relationships, and Getting Things Done Joseph Reed 2 Days
  X X   X     X    
Insights for Increasing Personal and Organizational Resilience Greg Githens 1 Hour X X             X X  
Integrating Design Thinking on Your Projects Bruce Gay 1 Day   X X       X     X  
Integrating People, Organizational, and Technical Skills: The Complete Project Manager Randy Englund; Alfonso Bucero 4 Days
    X   X         X
Leading Practices and Advanced Tools in Risk Management: A Practitioner’s Guide Dr. Prasad S. Kodukula 3 Days               X   X  
Leading Strategic Initiatives (Program Management) Greg Githens 2 Days X     X         X    
Lean/Agile for IT and Business  Narendra (NK) Shrivastava 2 Days 
Leveraging the Human Domain for Effective Stakeholder Engagement Bob Mason  1 Day
      X   X        
Managing Diversity: We Are in This Together Carlene Szostak 1 Hour    X X                
Managing the DANCE: Leading Projects/Programs in Today’s Complex & Uncertain World with Jack Duggal Jack Duggal  2 Days                  X X  
Managing the Human Side of Projects: Facilitating Stakeholder Satisfaction, Change Adoption, and Organizational Value Thomas Jarocki 1 Day X     X   X   X X   X
Mastering Scope Management Brad Bigelow 2 Days     X         X  
Mastering Value Delivery: A Critical Focus for the VUCA Economy Iain Fraser 2 Days                      X
Measuring the Performance of Project Initiatives: An Important Step in Benefits Realization J. Scott Burd; Greta Blash 2 Days X     X   X        
Microlearning Medley of Popular Topics and Essential Skills Neal Whitten 2 Days         X          
Negotiating With Confidence: Mastering the Win-Win Approach Vijay Verma  2 Days        X              
Next Generation Leadership and Communication: How to Thrive in Today’s Turbulent and Uncertain World Jack Duggal 1 Day   X X

X       X
Orchestrating Total Project Success: A Comprehensive Approach for Managing People, Projects, and Organizational Change Thomas Jarocki 3 Days X     X   X   X     X
Power, Influence, and Politics: Mastering Stakeholder Management Vijay Verma 2 Days      
Powerful Storytelling: Stories That Lead Individuals to Action Carlene Szostak 2 Days X     X     X      
Proactive Risk Management: Stakeholder Tolerance Analysis, Buy-in, and Commitment Bradley Malone 2 Days             X        
Program Management Best Practices Michel Thiry 2 Days X                    
Program Management Master Class Michel Thiry 4 Days       X       X  
Project Estimation Best Practices in a Multi-Project Matrix Environment Bradley Malone 2 Days         X     X  
Project Management: Competencies and Structure—An Application of the PMBOK® Guide Bradley Malone 4 Days          X   X    
Project Troubleshooting and Recovery Simulation Lab Lawrence Suda 2 Days X     X   X    
Ready, Set, Change! April Callis-Birchmeier  2 Days 
  X     X     X    
Requirements: The Good, the Bad, and the Models to Close the Gap Megan Stowe 2 Days   X X            
Roadmap to the Top Carlene Szostak 1 Hour         X  
Solve the Problem, Not the Symptom Teresa Lawrence  4 Hour (1/2 Day)      X       X   X    
Step Up Your Influence—Step Up Your Projects Josef Martens 1 Day   X           X    
Strategic Approaches to Managing Projects Virtually Carlene Szostak 1 Hour               X  
Strategic Project-Portfolio Management and Organizational Change Joyce Brown; Thomas McCabe  3 Days            X          
StrateXecution: Strategy Execution with Agile Projects, Programs and Portfolio Management Lawrence Suda; Anthony Paris 4 Days            X          
Systems Project Management: Techniques for Managing Complex Projects Dennis Van Gemert 2 Days       X              
Tactful and Effective Methods for Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders  Frank Saladis  2 Days      X  
  X   X    
Team Member Engagement: Alignment Up, Down, and Across the Organization Carlene Szostak 2 Days    X       X     X    
The Agile Portfolio Manager: Advanced Lean-Agile Practices  Drew Clark; Karl Muenchow 2 Days      X     X          
The Agile Product Owner and Business Analyst
  3 Days  
      X   X      
The Evolving PMO: Governance, Portfolio Management, Resource Optimization, and Performance Measurement Eric Foss 4 Days   X       X X X      
The Influential Project Manager: El Director de Proyectos Influyente (Spanish Speaking)
Alfonso Bucero 1.5 Hours    X     X            
The Power of Virtual Meeting Facilitation for Project Managers Maria Fafard  2 Days      X   X    
X X  
The Project Coach: How to Stretch and Develop Others While Getting the Work Done Lisa Ditullio  2 Days    X       X X   X    
The Project Manager as Agile Transformation Leader: Project Management for What's Next Drew Clark; Karl Muenchow 1 Day X       X     X    
The Project Management MBA: Four-Day Crash Course! Gary Heerkens; Frank Saladis 4 Days       X   X         X
Three-Dimensional (3D) Leadership Traci Duez 3 Days X                   X
Tools and Techniques for Project Managers: Facilitating Creative Problem Solving!  Teresa Lawrence 2 Days                    
Tools and Techniques to Successfully Launch and Manage Your Projects Betsy Stockdale  4 Days            X          
Unleashing Your Leadership Brilliance: Developing Confidence and Courage Through Neuro-Axiology Traci Duez 2 Days X                
Upskilling for Futures-Ready Leadership Greg Githens  1 Day                

PMI Training Calendar 2022

*Month/Location Event Dates
Virtual: February (PST) 14-17 February 2022
Virtual: March (EST) 7-10 March 2022
Virtual: April (CDT) 25-26 April 2022
In Person: San Diego (PDT) 23-26 May 2022 
Virtual: June (EDT) 20-21 June 2022 
In Person: Orlando (EDT) 20-23 June 2022 
In Person: Boston (EDT) 18-21 July 2022 
In Person: Chicago (CDT) 8-11 August 2022 
Virtual: September (PDT) 19-22 September 2022 
Virtual: October (EDT)  17-20 October 2022 
In Person: Las Vegas (PST)   5-8 December 2022