Discover Your Value and Grow Your Leadership Reputation with Traci Duez

Prework: Yes

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this training, learners will be able to: 

  • Apply the seven dimensions of motivation to influence behaviors and actions.
  • Integrate the T.E.A.R. model into their self-leadership and leadership (thoughts – emotions – actions – results).
  • Create purpose, reclaim power, and craft a plan for becoming a three-dimensional leader.


Unlock the full spectrum of your leadership potential with this course which is meticulously designed for project managers who aspire to elevate their leadership game and their leadership reputation by utilizing the game-changing science of neuro-axiology and valuegenic self-leadership. Dive deep into the heart and science of value judgments (VQs), value dynamics, and articulating what truly matters in leadership and beyond.

Over the course of this immersive experience, you will:

  • Master Value Generation (& Communication): Learn to harness the power of axiology to see, analyze, and communicate value in an unparalleled manner. Elevate your decision-making and problem-solving skills by understanding the intrinsic value of people, projects, and processes.
  • Become a 3-Dimensional Leader: Discover the "what" and "how" of leading with your head, hands, and heart. Transform into a leader who not only thinks with clarity and acts with precision but also leads with empathy and compassion.
  • Transform Minds and Hearts: Explore innovative strategies to shape the minds and hearts of your teams, fostering an environment of growth, resilience, and innovation.
  • Embrace Emotion as a Tool: Learn how to leverage emotions constructively to connect, inspire, and drive performance, turning emotional intelligence into one of your greatest leadership assets.
  • TOOT Your Own Horn with Tact: Master the art of self-promotion that highlights your achievements and value proposition without crossing into arrogance. Gain strategies for communicating your successes in a way that is authentic and impactful.
  • Leverage Your Cognitive and Emotional Assets: Break free from self-imposed barriers and leverage your unique blend of cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and innate talents to ascend to new heights of leadership effectiveness.

Gain not just theoretical knowledge but practical tools, strategies, and the self-confidence to apply these principles in real-world scenarios, empowered to become a more powerful, impactful, and authentic leader. Choose to participate and embark on a journey of leadership transformation that will elevate your career and enrich your personal development.


Learners will be required to complete a three-part assessment prior to the training. The cost of this assessment is US$125 and will be charged at checkout. The assessment cost is nonrefundable.



    • Introduction to 3D Leadership 
      • Definitions
      • Traits versus states
      • Head, hands, and heart
    • Behaviors (Hands) 
      • Review participants’ DiSC profile results
      • Group exercise on discovering another’s DiSC style(s)
      • Leverage each style in communication
      • Role-play influencing each style
      • Create a personal cheat sheet
    • Power of Emotions—Understand the T.E.A.R. Model
      • Discover why most models for change don’t work
      • There are no positive or negative emotions
      • Study Atlas of Emotions website
      • Increase emotional vocabulary 
    • Motivators (Heart) 
      • Review participants’ values/motivators report
      • Learn all seven motivational styles and 14 driving forces
      • Group exercise on driving forces
      • Case studies on team motivation
    • EQs (Emotional Intelligence) 
      • Introduction to EQ
      • Review EQ capacities and EQ readiness scores from assessment
    • Thinking and Valuing Habits (Head) 
      • Introduction to neuro-axiology
      • Review VQ profile; jump-start report
      • Individual exercises; complete primary biases worksheet
      • Complete primary assets worksheet
      • Rewrite your story 
    • Application of T.E.A.R. Model 
    • Using Head, Hands, and Heart to Lead Better
      • Confronting with confidence
      • Group exercises and role-playing for increasing project sponsor engagement
      • Addressing and motivating a low performer
    • Pulling It All Together 
      • Creating your purpose
      • Reclaiming your power
      • Crafting your plan
    • Using the Head, Heart, and Hands to Shape Your Stories to Inspire and Lead
    • The Power of Celebration 

PDU Allocation Table

The table below displays the number of professional development units (PDUs) awarded for each PMI® credential, as they align to the PMI Talent Triangle®. Power Skills and Business Acumen PDUs apply evenly across all credentials and Ways of Working PDUs apply only to specific credentials. PDUs will be added in full to all eligible credentials. *Please note that the asterisked row below applies to the PMI® Agile Certification Journey and includes Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM), Disciplined Agile® Senior Scrum Master (DASSM), Disciplined Agile® Coach (DAC), and Disciplined Agile® Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) certifications.
Ways of Working Power Skills Business Acumen Total
CAPM® / PMI-CP™ / PMP® / PgMP® 0 21 0 21.00
PMI-ACP® / Agile* 0 21 0 21.00
PMI-SP® 0 21 0 21.00
PMI-RMP® 0 21 0 21.00
PfMP® 0 21 0 21.00
PMI-PBA® 0 21 0 21.00
Ways of Working Power Skills Business Acument Talent Triangle



Traci Duez

Traci is a sought-after speaker in the project management community. She has spoken at over 120 PMI events in the past 6 years to over 14,000 project managers and leaders including 4 four PMI Global Congresses in North America and Europe. Traci earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She then entered the master's program in athletic coaching at The Ohio State University. She has coached basketball at the high school and collegiate levels. She was a project manager for 17 years and a director of over 100 consultants for a nationwide IT consulting firm.

Training Information

19 - 21 August 2024
3 Days


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Assessment Fee

Please note that this training's cost will have a built-in $125 Course Assessment Fee on the registration platform.

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