Project Management National Conference, India

Chennai India

PMI Global In-Person

16 - 17 September 2017

ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Little Mount, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032

The conference theme Project Management - Powering India's Global Leadership builds on the ability of Governments and businesses to rise and meet the challenge that Indian economy is currently facing. These economic hurdles must be overcome to catapult India as powerful global economy. Project management is the absolute need of the hour. It is the skill required to realise India’s vision of becoming a global leader. The conference will present industry views, case studies, invited speeches and technical papers that focus on how Project Management practitioners:

  • Play a key role in redefining the way India builds its capabilities
  • Help create the climate for growth
  • Enable the country to move towards an economy focused on innovation & product development
  • The conference provides a platform for Project Management Practitioners across industries, government, NGOs and academia, to exchange ideas on the challenges and opportunities in managing projects that will help translate a vision of India into reality. It is an opportunity to network, share and learn from like-minded professionals.