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Unleashing Your Leadership Brilliance: Developing Confidence and Courage through Neuro-Axiology with Traci Duez


Topics: Leadership Development | Decision Making Techniques | Motivation

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” Yet, how many people have ever taken a class on how to improve their THINKING? Success in every area of your life depends on the choices you make and the actions you take—and those choices depend on your capacity to make good judgments. In this seminar, we will first measure your VQ (Value-judgment Quotient) to identify your current capacities to make good and accurate judgments. Your VQ Profile will identify your natural strengths (thinking that serves you best) and your current weaknesses (thinking that is most likely undermining you). Using these results, you will learn how to immediately shift your attention from the thoughts that serve you least, to the ones that serve you best, by applying the principles and practices from the emerging new science of neuro-axiology. Attendees are required to complete a self-assessment at least 1 week prior to this seminar’s start. Self-assessment is not PDU eligible.


Disclaimer: By enrolling in this seminar, registrants agree to share registrant data ("Data") with instructors for the purposes of customizing course objectives and providing assessments and strategies based upon registrants’ specific information. Please note that this seminar’s cost will show as $75 higher at check out due to a course assessment fee.

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What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and differentiate the three hierarchical classes of value
  • Apply axiological knowledge to improve decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Prepare personal development action plans (for use after the seminar)
  • Deductively learn how to solve problems by increasing focus on value
  • Roleplay approaches to more effective communication
  • Utilize and develop personal valuing strengths to consistently make better choices
  • Build trust through integrity and authenticity
  • Integrate valuing strengths to increase courage and confidence
  • Inductively experience how to make better choices when working with teams

PDU Allocation Table

The table below displays the number of professional development units (PDUs) awarded for each PMI® credential, as they align to the PMI Talent Triangle®. Leadership and Strategic PDUs apply evenly across all credentials and Technical PDUs apply only to specific credentials. PDUs will be added in full to all eligible credentials.
Technical Leadership Strategic Total
CAPM / PMP / PgMP 0 14 0 14.00
PMI-ACP / Agile* 0 14 0 14.00
PMI-SP 0 14 0 14.00
PMI-RMP 0 14 0 14.00
PfMP 0 14 0 14.00
PMI-PBA 0 14 0 14.00
pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_technical_rgb pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_leadership_rgb pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_strategic_rgb pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_rgb

Seminar Instructor(s)


Traci Duez

Traci is a sought-after speaker in the project management community. She has spoken at over 120 PMI events in the past 6 years to over 14,000 project managers and leaders including 4 four PMI Global Congresses in North America and Europe. Traci earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She then entered the master's program in athletic coaching at The Ohio State University. She has coached basketball at the high school and collegiate levels. She was a project manager for 17 years and a director of over 100 consultants for a nationwide IT consulting firm.

Seminar Agenda


  • Defining your leadership brilliance
  • Discovering the power of neuro-axiology
  • Measuring your thinking and valuing habits
  • Identifying the thoughts that hold you back so you can …
  • Shift to the perspectives that lead to greater success


  • 7 Steps of Motivating Others through Intrinsic Validation
  • Key differences between Accountability & Responsibility and why responsibility is more valuable
  • Rewriting your limiting stories
  • Creating your purpose
  • Developing your Action Plan for success
  • Lowering Your Expectations to achieve more
  • Celebrating Your Wins to achieve faster

Course Information

2 Days
7 - 8 April 2021


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(US$1456.00 before 22 February)
Non-Member Price
(US$1612.00 before 22 February)
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Please note that this course’s cost will show at $75 higher at checkout due to the Course Assessment Fee.


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