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Building a Team in a Virtual, Non-Virtual or Hybrid Environment: Mastering Office Politics and Emotions in the Workplace with Lisa Hammer and David Newman


Topics: Influence | Conflict Management | Motivation | Communications

Thriving in the project economy means defining project success criteria in two ways: short-term objectives and long-term goals. Short-term objectives include customary performance measures such as on-time and on-budget performance. We are used to managing those, but the longer-term goals, such as employee engagement and retention, have long been the realm of human resources. 

The new era is here! These strategic goals have become a focus for successful project managers as the realization has taken hold that projects succeed through people using processes that make sense within their business environment. Whether your project team is working in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid environment, you are accountable for results. Our teams are working in circumstances that are increasingly unusual and often unbearable. We need to care about them—and for them—every day.

The business environment is an existential reality for project managers. Office politics may be good; people are helpful and supportive of one another. At the other end of the continuum things may not be quite as pleasant. In this class, we focus on what is, rather than what should be. Project managers are often not able to change the culture or the environment in which we are working. Instead, we are asked to drive results, often despite the environment.

In this seminar we will explore various factors that influence the culture including:
Virtuality – Where are We Now?
Emotional Intelligence
People and Personalities
Stakeholder Engagement
Interpersonal Communications

As we say in the world of Disciplined Agile – context counts! In our seminars we often hear the words “this shouldn’t be this way”. If we are going to succeed in our current position, we are often faced with situations that should not exist but do. That is what office politics are and this seminar is all about how to drive project results and earn wins for our teams in any environment—virtual, non-virtual, or hybrid!

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What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how office politics and the business environment impact project execution
  • Ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are priority values within their project team
  • Learn to drive project success in any business environment
  • Be able to effectively collaborate with people of various backgrounds and personalities
  • Understand the positive impact of including all stakeholders in the team charter

PDU Allocation Table

The table below displays the number of professional development units (PDUs) awarded for each PMI® credential, as they align to the PMI Talent Triangle®. Leadership and Strategic PDUs apply evenly across all credentials and Technical PDUs apply only to specific credentials. PDUs will be added in full to all eligible credentials.
Technical Leadership Strategic Total
CAPM / PMP / PgMP 0 7 7 14.00
PMI-ACP / Agile* 0 7 7 14.00
PMI-SP 0 7 7 14.00
PMI-RMP 0 7 7 14.00
PfMP 0 7 7 14.00
PMI-PBA 0 7 7 14.00
pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_technical_rgb pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_leadership_rgb pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_strategic_rgb pmi_talent-triangle_alignments_rgb

*Please note that the asterisked row above applies to all PMI Agile certifications, this includes DASM, DASSM, DAVSC and DAC.

Seminar Instructor(s)


Lisa Hammer DASSM, PMP

Lisa Hammer, DASSM, PMP, is a co-founder and principal of Leadership Techniques, LLC, a training and consulting firm specializing in project management and leadership development. She is an engaging and entertaining presenter with over 30 years of experience in project management and staff development for both large and small firms.

Lisa has managed the implementation of several multi-million dollar programs, which included coordination of staff, consultants and subcontractors to achieve client goals while maintaining budget and cost controls across all activities. Her executive career has been highlighted by a broad range of qualifications, including proven leadership and analytical skills, collaboration with outside groups, along with a reputation for accountability, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

Providing training both internally at organizations as well as developing and delivering the Project Management Continuing Education curriculum at Frederick Community College has provided her the opportunity to help people at all levels of their career to prepare for working in a dynamic and complex environment.

Lisa continues to be a project management practitioner, working with clients to improve their ability to execute against demanding deliverables in dynamic environments. Her client base includes many state and local agencies, non-profits and as well as public and private companies.

Lisa understands that people who are satisfied with their employment experience are more engaged, which leads to improved quality, productivity and happiness. Her passion for professionalism shines through in her presentations on a wide range of project management topics. Using her broad and in-depth field experience she not only stands behind her training, she expects success!



David B. Newman, DASM, PMI-ACP, DASSM, PMP, CSM, SPHR, is a co-founder and principal of Leadership Techniques, LLC, a training and consulting firm specializing in project management and leadership development. Along with his PMI credentials he holds a master’s degree in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University as well as the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)® credential.

David has a diversified background in engineering and product development and loves to share his experience and extensive background with others. Project teams have excelled under his leadership as he has emphasized that the key to building a high-performance team is to integrate management skills with a collaborative philosophy to influence and motivate teams.

Audiences eagerly engage with David’s interactive presentation style. Through a mix of personal experience, hands-on activities and touches of PMBOK® Guide formality, David’s seminars are entertaining and educational. His passion and humor makes them fun while his focus on results drives attendees to reach for practical solutions to real challenges.

Course Information

2 Days
8 - 9 November 2021


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