GAC Virtual Site Visit Information

To ensure the safety and security of our volunteers and the programs' participants during the global pandemic, GAC has been conducting site visits virtually since September 2020. Virtual visits will continue until further notice. Any questions or concerns should be shared with GAC staff at [email protected].

Documentation and Process for the Virtual Site Visit

The GAC Virtual Visit mirrors the on-campus onsite visit, as the Team is verifying the findings from the Self-Assessment Report. The following documentation serves as guidance for the Virtual Visit process and procedures:

  1. GAC Guidance to Programs Hosting GAC Virtual Visit: This document gives an overview of the process, the materials and interviews that the Virtual Visit Team will review, and the estimated timeline.
    Download "GAC Guidance to Programs Hosting GAC Virtual Visit"

  2. GAC Virtual Visit Agenda Template: A sample Agenda Template that is used as the basis for creating the agenda for the Virtual Visit. This will be modified in collaboration with the Team Lead and the Program Representative for the specific Visit.
    Download "GAC Virtual Visit Agenda Template"

  3. GAC Technology Virtual Visit Protocol: The applicant program is responsible for the technology and platform for the Virtual Visit. This document provides information on the protocol for this aspect of the Virtual Visit.
    Download "GAC Technology Virtual Visit Protocol"

  4. GAC Virtual Visit Policy and Disclosure Statement: This statement serves as an overview of the applicant program's responsibilities before and during the Virtual Visit. It is signed by the program and sent back electronically to [email protected].
    Download "GAC Virtual Visit Policy and Disclosure Statement"

When pandemic-related restrictions are lifted, GAC reserves the right to conduct a short in-person onsite visit, to verify the findings of the virtual visit. Costs associated with visits, virtual or in-person, remain the responsibility of the program seeking accreditation. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.