KICKOFF is a free project management course that makes learning the basics of PM easy!

With the KICKOFF course you can learn the basics of project management in under 1 hour. Tailor your playbook (Agile or Predictive) to learn how to manage projects you work on. Even if your title isn't project manager. 


The fastest way to learn the basics of project management 

KICKOFF is a free, interactive 45-minute project management course and digital toolkit from PMI. Use it to get up to speed on the basics of project management (PM). Then once complete, share a badge that shows you know how to manage your project(s) from start to finish. 

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KICKOFF makes a difference!

But don’t just take our word for it. Users say:

  • “This has been very helpful to me”
  • “Very informative and user friendly”
  • “KICKOFF™ has been helpful in getting my project planning together like a glue"
  • "Very nice app to learn basic topics about project management"
  • "I enjoyed the format and ease of the modules. Everything automatically saves. Plus, it is easy to consume the information from each section"
  • “Great learning experience”
  • “The course exceeded my expectations”
  • “I love the tool, easy, short, and basics you need as a beginner”

KICKOFF is a free project management course with unique features that work for all learning styles.

Bite-Sized Content

KICKOFF has short, easy to absorb lessons. No long lectures. 

Learning Made Fun

Gain confidence with your new PM skills. KICKOFF guides you with engaging instruction and fun activities so learning sticks.

Agile or Predictive

KICKOFF allows you the flexibility to go at your own pace and choose one of two courses depending on the projects you handle: Agile (Iterative) or Predictive.

An Achievement You Can Share

After completing a KICKOFF course, you will earn a badge you can download and share on your networks.

Actionable Templates

With KICKOFF you can download easy to use templates and understand how to put them into use right away.

Step-by-Step Guidance

KICKOFF helps you learn which questions to ask at any stage of your project, making you an even better team player or project leader.

Anywhere Access

Take KICKOFF wherever you go. Access your project pal on a laptop, phone, tablet–and in several languages.

Free Resource

Use KICKOFF free. There is no cost to you, and you can log in for a refresher when you need to. 

Because project success is your goal,
KICKOFF is for you. 

Scroll down and find the role that fits for you to see how KICKOFF can help you become a better project manager.

Professionals Who Need PM Skills

Project Manager may not be your job title, but you do need to learn basic project management skills in a hurry. KICKOFF will help you become familiar with PM tools and templates in less than one hour.


“KICKOFF helped me to create best practices and work process within my company without being in a project management role myself. I really enjoyed the templates that were provided throughout the KICKOFF course because I could actually leverage them for the work I was currently doing.”

— Brittany Mangold, Paid Social Strategy Manager


Students and Early Career Professionals

KICKOFF shows you how to start a project and take it to the finish line. Share the badge you earn on your resume or social platforms to boost credibility and stand out in the job market. 


“KICKOFF was a really great educational experience…The format of this course was extremely engaging and informative… This extremely well put together course makes agile ways of working both accessible and easy to learn. As a student and young professional, I would absolutely recommend this product to my peers who want to deepen their understanding of project management but don't know where to start.” 

— Divya Samant, PR & Communications Student 

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Why learn the basics of project management with KICKOFF

KICKOFF is a free project management course from PMI, so it offers information you can trust. Plus, in about 45-minutes, you will have the tips and tricks to manage your project(s) on time and within budget. Once you have completed KICKOFF you earn a badge that can also boost your credibility, especially if you are new to project management. 


Organizational Executive

Introduce KICKOFF to your team to help them develop a shared language of PM terms and processes. It is a no-cost way to improve productivity.

"KICKOFF has enabled us to scale the onboarding of anyone that needs to manage projects. As we see more resources from non-project management backgrounds step quickly into project management roles, I can see us leaning on Kickoff to help us stay the best at what we do.”

— Sr. Program Manager


Take your project from zero to hero in 45-minutes with KICKOFF, a free project management course from PMI. 

Project Management Faculty

KICKOFF enables you to bring reliable, free beginner PM resources to your team or classroom. Quick lessons and templates you can customize help with learning.


“I found the level of knowledge in the KICKOFF course to be appropriate for beginners and was able to implement some of the KICKOFF learnings into my course this year.” 

— Adesh Shah, Applied Project Management Professor