Agile Hybrid Project Pro Micro-Credential
Put the PRO in Your Agile and Hybrid Skills

Align Your PMP® to Today’s PMP® with Agile and Hybrid Skills

Agile Hybrid Project Pro upskills your PMP certification to the current PMP by ensuring you have the agile and hybrid approaches that are now included in the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. It’s a simple way you can be confident your PMP aligns with today’s PMP.

What is Agile Hybrid Project Pro?

Agile Hybrid Project Pro is a new online course paired with a non-proctored online exam that validates you have upskilled and aligned to the new PMP standards, which include Agile and Hybrid approaches. There is no application process, so simply take the course, pass the exam and add the digital badge to your profile and resume.

Whether you have extensive hands-on experience with Agile and Hybrid projects or an understanding of the principles, Agile Hybrid Project Pro micro-credential verifies your skillset and increases your value to employers.    

You will have 75 minutes to complete 60 questions on the online, non-proctored assessment that tests you on Agile and Hybrid project approaches.

Upskill Your PMP® with Agile Hybrid Project Pro™

Align to today's PMP certification, and earn 13 PDUs. This online, on-demand course and 60-question online assessment earn a digital badge for your CV and digital profile. No application necessary and it never expires.

Who is Agile Hybrid Project Pro for?

For people like who already hold PMP certification, it’s an ideal way to easily align your PMP to today’s standards. This year, the PMP expanded to include agile and hybrid approaches. Since you earned PMP certification prior to this update, Agile Hybrid Project Pro brings you up-to-date with the principles and concepts encompassed by today’s PMP exam. The digital badge is a great way to highlight your adaptability and versatility in any environment. Plus, you will earn 13 PDUs toward maintaining your PMP certification.

About the Course

The Agile Hybrid Project Pro Prep Course is based on realistic scenarios that allow you to practice applying Agile and Hybrid principles and concepts. The course will take 6.5 - 12 hours to complete, and includes:

  • Tackle Agile Hybrid projects by understanding the principles.
  • Strategies and solutions to challenges faced in authentic scenarios.
  • Challenge your best practice PM knowledge with interactive resources.
  • Application and practice of PM Agile Hybrid concepts.

About the Exam

For the assessment, you will be tested on Agile & Hybrid project approaches. The non-proctored online assessment is 60 questions, and you have 75 minutes to complete it.

There is no application process, and once you pass your exam, you will receive a digital badge to prove you have the skills, which can be shared on your social media. You will also earn 13 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

How Does It Work? It's Simple.

  1. No application – just complete the online, on-demand course. 6½ hours to earn 13 PDUs toward maintaining PMI certification.
  2. Pass the 60-question non-proctored online assessment. Available on demand, on your schedule, from any computer
  3. Add the Agile Hybrid Project Pro badge to your profile. No need to renew. Just add the digital badge to your profile and resume to highlight your skills and versatility in agile and hybrid environments.

Agile Hybrid Project Pro digital badge
Please contact PMI Customer Care with any questions.

Upskill with Agile and Hybrid

Prove your Agile and Hybrid skills with Agile Hybrid Project Pro.

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