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The future is coming faster than ever. Your organization needs the right context to make strategic decisions fast. PMI unlocks insights that future-proof your workforce and make your work more impactful.

Victor Villar headshot

Victor Villar, PMP

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas


Future of Work

Future of Work | Raconteur & The Times

From hybrid working strategies, to work/ leave balance and managing global workforces, this report navigates current trends shaping the present and future of work. In this opportunity Keren Deront, Business lead at Project Management Institute (PMI), guides us on how organizations need to “Invest in net-zero skills to meet net-zero ambitions.”

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Robert Reid headshot

Robert Reid, EdD


Consultant and Executive Coach  

United States

Make Reality

Make Reality

In our changing world, project professionals and organizations must be nimbler and more resourceful than ever to keep pace and create impact. As new industries, practices, and technologies emerge, project professionals and their teams are challenged to pivot quickly and work even more efficiently - all so they can deliver value in our changing world. Learn more about why PMI.

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From innovation to collaboration, PMI helps you up-skill and re-skill across the organization, empowering employees with the skills that are critical to making ambitious ideas reality.

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