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In-Person Testing: Expert-Recommended, Candidate-Preferred

Ready to schedule your Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam? Learn the difference between in-person and online testing and which will help you get the best results.

Exam-takers around the world agree: testing at a center has some big perks.

Benefits Of Taking Your PMP Exam In-Person

For most PMP candidates, in-person testing takes the stress out of exam setup, minimizing any risks to your big day. Our centers provide a secure and distraction-free exam environment, test-taking materials, and live proctor support — so that you can focus on achieving your best results.

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It’s Easier


Reliable and Distraction-Free

Don’t stress about exam setup or interruptions—we take care of tech, materials, and testing environment so you can get comfortable, find your focus, and relax knowing you’re prepared.

It’s Safer


Trusted and Secure

With straightforward security protocol and live proctor support, you have greater freedom and flexibility. Easy-to-follow exam procedures decrease the odds of exam termination due to violations.

It’s Better Together

Shared Experience

Shared Experience

In-person testing is recommended by PMPs across the globe. It’s a common milestone that connects thousands of project managers—opening the door to camaraderie and engagement with the PMP community after your exam.

Remember, there are big advantages to taking your PMP exam in-person, but deciding where to take your PMP test ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and the availability of in-person exam centers near you.