Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

The Future of Project Management: The perfect blend of AI and human ingenuity

The AI Resource Center is your gateway to the future of AI-driven project management.

Boost productivity. Increase project success. Drive value for your organization with generative AI.

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PMI Infinity tool

AI’s the Limit

PMI Infinity is the project manager’s AI-powered learning assistant, leveraging sources generated and vetted by the PMI global community of professionals. Boost your knowledge base with AI-powered resources, reinforce and validate your understanding of complex subject matter, and get interactive and detailed responses for a truly unique learning experience.

Access is available to all PMI Members.

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Start Navigating the Future of Project Management and AI Tools

Explores the impact of generative AI on time management, collaboration, decision-making, scope, risk, and stakeholder management and more! Additionally, learn about a variety of AI project management tools.

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PMP Exam Simulator: PMIxAI

Ace the PMP with AI

Our new AI-powered Exam Simulator gets you closer to achieving the PMP. Test your knowledge and readiness for your next certification with 175 practice exam questions. Dive into the rationale behind each answer, understand why a particular choice is correct, and build a strong foundation for the PMP® certification exam.

To access this tool you will need to sign up for ChatGPT Plus for USD $20/ month.

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PMI Digital Community

This ever-growing community of project management professionals is here to support you in your career journey to connect, ask questions, and share.

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  • Ask your pressing project management questions
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“AI is not a future, nice-to-have technology. It is used in organizations today as an essential tool to improve project performance.”

Paul Boudreau, Professor, Speaker, Author of The Self-Driving Project: Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Project Success

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“(Project managers) are witnessing and participating in an absolutely massive revolution on the use of artificial intelligence.”

Ricardo Vargas, Global Leader in Project Management, Founder of and Macrosolutions

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2024 Community-Led AI and Project Management Report

AI is changing project management as we know it. Hear from colleagues and leaders around the world about what that means in practice with our latest report. Get global insights on AI maturity, implementation, and impacts within organizations, plus thought leadership from 15 selected AI experts.

This chapter-led research report, initiated in Sweden, has engaged and inspired PMI chapters from around the globe.

Read the report and share your perspective on how AI is being utilized in your region.

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Thought Leadership Resources

The AI revolution is all around us as we speak, and we’ve been ahead of the curve with insightful Thought Leadership on how AI is transforming project management.

AI Background Revised

Shaping the Future of Project Management With AI

Project managers with AI skills will stand out. Our report offers a framework for navigating your AI learning journey.


Leading AI-driven Business Transformation: Are You In?

Read a three-part report from PMI to guide organizations on their AI transformation journey.

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Help Wanted: Turning AI Into Reality

In this podcast, project experts discuss implementing AI as a tool for building teams and finding solutions to project challenges.