Global Chapter Events Assistance Funding

As part of the Chapter Empowerment Program, PMI is aiming to support high-quality chapter events to enhance the membership value proposition. As such, PMI will support a chapter’s commitment to members by reimbursing each chapter for event support up to $3,000 USD. This will give chapters access to additional event support without being constrained by their local budget.

Chapters will be reimbursed up to $3,000 USD for event support. Any costs incurred by chapters beyond the $3000 limit must be covered by the chapter’s own operating budget.

Global Chapter Events Assistance Funding eligibility will be determined on an individual basis, and may include, but is not limited to event fees associated with: venue rental, A/V support, event speakers, catering, marketing, décor.

All chapters who are fully chartered and in good standing are eligible for the program.

Chapters may submit a request form here.PMI Staff will process your request within ten days and position the chapter to be reimbursed to their bank account of record. PMI staff will reach out to your chapter with any follow-up questions to ensure that PMI will reimburse your chapter without any unreasonable delay.

PMI requests that chapters submit separate invoices per event, up to $3,000 USD per chapter/per year.

15 November 2022 is the deadline for chapters to submit the required documentation for reimbursement of 2022 events. Continuation of this program in 2023 is dependent upon several factors including chapter adoption in 2022.

No, this program complements any pre-existing program in a chapter’s region. Please reach out to your regional Chapter Engagement Partner with any questions.