Chapter Leader Strategy Hub

Welcome to the PMInsight Chapter Leader Strategy Hub, a single source of truth for PMI and chapter strategy information. Here you'll find information and resources to better understand and support our shared aspiration of expanded impact. Check back periodically for updates to this information.

    Chapter Empowerment Program - Supporting Chapter Leaders to Make Your Ideas a Reality

    Learn About the Chapter Empowerment Program

    The Chapter Empowerment Program (CEP) impacts PMI’s chapters, volunteers, and members by driving chapter membership growth and increasing chapter volunteer and member satisfaction. CEP:

    • CONNECTS you more strongly to PMI and other chapter volunteers
    • ENABLES your day-to-day chapter operations
    • EMPOWERS you to grow your impact while growing your chapter

    Chapter Empowerment Program

    Chapter Empowerment Program 2022 Outcomes

    Access the Chapter Empowerment Toolkit

    This collection of resources was developed based upon feedback from chapters as part of the Chapter Empowerment Program. Learn more about each resource below.

    • NEW! Welcome and Renewal Toolkit for New Chapter Members
      Based upon Chapter Volunteer feedback, this toolkit was based directly on Chapter Volunteer feedback. It contains template emails you can send to Chapter Members who have recently joined or renewed their chapter membership, along with guides on how to pull relevant data from ThoughtSpot.
    • NEW! Chapter Website Banners - CEP
      New PMI branded banner ads for your chapter website to encourage chapter members to connect with the Chapter Empowerment Program.
    • NEW! New Volunteer Imagery for Websites and Social Media
      You asked for new imagery, and we delivered! Access new imagery of real PMI volunteers on the Marketing Portal under Chapter Leaders > Brand Image Library > 2022 Photography
    • Chapter Speakers Hub
      Enhance the chapter membership value proposition by engaging high-quality globally and regionally relevant event speakers.

    • NEW! Chapter Guest Pass Resources
      Updated Chapter Guest Pass toolkit containing resources about the program including a new chapter benefits flyer, updated email templates, and how to pull relevant data from ThoughtSpot.
    • New! Chapter Leader Benefit List
      Use this list of benefits when recruiting new volunteers and to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your volunteer experience with PMI.
    • 2023 Chapter Event Reimbursement Program
      Thanks to interest in 2022, the Chapter Event and Virtual Tool reimbursement programs return in 2023 as a single Chapter Event Reimbursement program, offering up to USD $5000 per chapter for in-person and virtual event-related expenses. Learn more and submit your expenses.  
    • Access ThoughtSpot Data Reporting
      Updated Chapter Guest Pass toolkit containing resources about the program including a new chapter benefits flyer, updated email templates, and how to pull relevant data from ThoughtSpot.

    YouthPlaybookv6d3INTERACTIVE-2-thumbnail.jpg Rising Leader Outreach Playbook
    This resource will support Chapter Leaders through recruiting and engaging with Rising Leaders.

    PMI Impact Strategy - Our Shared Aspiration

    PMI 4.0 Template deck

    PMI Impact Strategy Template Deck

    Use this resource to present on the PMI Impact Strategy and Strategic Objectives.

    The PMI 4.0 Growth Strategy was first introduced to our community as the PMI Strategic Plan for 2021-2025, following on the heels of our digital transformation, PMI 2.0. PMI 4.0 addressed the need to expand our global community, to become inclusive of changemakers, as well as grow the impact we have on the world.

    The core aspiration of this strategy has not changed since its inception, and we continue to aspire to empower people to make ideas a reality. But over time we’ve learned that we need to be clearer and more direct. Therefore, we have evolved the strategy name from PMI 4.0 Growth Strategy to the simpler PMI Impact Strategy.