PMISV Reports Success in Its Mentoring Program

PMI Silicon Valley Chapter (PMISV) launched a pilot phase of a Mentoring Program in May 2020 and concluded with a happy story in July 2020.

This Mentoring Program is offered completely free of charge to the members of PMISV Chapter. At the outset, a Mentoring Program Committee (MPC) was formed with the Director of Mentoring and two volunteer members. This team has full responsibility of planning, execution, monitoring and reporting of the Mentoring Program.

In the pilot phase, the MPC identified four mentors based on their solid experience and sharp business acumen. Eight members of PMISV enthusiastically signed up as mentees. Before starting the program, the MPC provided orientation training to all the to clarify their role and responsibilities.

Assigning two mentees per mentor, this pilot phase ran for 3 months. The mentors and mentees mutually agreed on the topics of mentorship and the frequency of the meetings. The MPC members initiated the first calls between the mentors and the mentees and later on, intermittently touched base with the participants to ensure the program was running as planned.

At the end of the pilot phase, the MPC conducted a retrospective and presented a detailed report to the PMISV board of directors. While the feedback from the participants was generally very positive, the MPC noted a few action items to further improve this program.

As the pilot phase was wrapping up, one of the mentees sent us an email that tells us the happy ending of this program. She wrote: “I am happy to report that we have achieved the results that we intended to through the PMISV mentorship program. I have just been offered a role of a TPM at a big technology company. All those mock interview sessions [that my mentor conducted in the Mentoring Program] really helped me prepare for the real interviews. Thanks, once again, to my mentor and the PMISV Mentorship program leaders.”

PMISV board of directors convey sincere appreciation to the MPC leads, Mandar Kulkarni, Rajat Shah and Venkata Pakala for executing the program and express heartfelt thanks to all the participant mentors and mentees.

Encouraged by the results of this pilot phase, the MPC is set to launch the next iteration of Mentoring Program in October 2020.

Anyone interested in joining the PMISV mentoring program, watch for the details at or send an email to [email protected].

For examples of chapter mentoring programs around the globe, go to the Mentoring Toolkit in the Marketing Portal.