In Person or Virtual Events

Guidance on Choosing In-Person or Virtual Events

Restrictions put in place in response to Covid-19 are easing in some locations, and PMI would like to provide chapter leaders with some guidance they may find helpful when deciding whether to host in-person events through the rest of the year.

While PMI encourages chapters to embrace and explore virtual events, we understand that some feel in-person events are a key component of the PMI chapter experience; it is something we know and love that has helped build our relationships and connections with each other.

Chapters should use their best judgment, abide by local regulations on gatherings, and be mindful of their audience when choosing whether to do in-person or virtual events. If you can, consider incorporating a virtual aspect or a simulcast during in-person events for those who may be uncomfortable or unable to attend in person but still want to be involved.

Download the Reopening Guide. This is a crowd-sourced document led by the Event Safety Alliance, providing resources and support to event professionals as they plan to reopen events and businesses. We encourage you to download this helpful resource in tandem with guidelines and protocols set out by your local and regional governments and health officials.

If you have any questions please reach out to your Chapter Partner and as always, your health and safety remain priorities for us at PMI.