New Iteration of the Chapter Digital Engagement Platform is Ready

“PMI Global will provide the technology to enable all chapter activities and touchpoints to seamlessly integrate with the overall PMI customer experience.” This is PMI’s commitment in the Transformation Plan. 

To support the vision set forth by transformation, the Chapter Digital Engagement Platform (CDEP) has been developed as a minimum viable product to serve as the digital solution for chapter websites, improving chapter alignment with PMI and providing a better overall customer interaction with PMI’s brand.

Throughout 2019 we have launched four Digital Engagement Platforms as a pilot: PMI Lebanon, PMI Karachi Pakistan, PMI Cyprus, PMI Lacrosse – Rochester.

We have exciting news for 2020! The next iteration of the pilot is ready. The first two chapters adopting the digital engagement platform are the PMI Zambia Potential Chapter (live as of early April 2020), the PMI Northern Italy Chapter (going live early May 2020), followed shortly by Nashville, Luxembourg and West Texas chapters. Additional chapters are planned throughout the year. Through these new websites, members are able to interact with the chapter’s website to: 

  • Use the PMI single sign-on function. Your username and password work consistently at the chapter level.
  • Access more content – Enhanced navigation is making locating event information, subscribing to a newsletter, and locating chapter content easier. 
  • View PDU information for certification holders – Members are able to see how many PDUs they have left in their certification cycle right from the chapter website.

In addition, we have new planned features including:

  • Chapter Event Management – Exploring emerging technology to deliver Chapter Leader Self-Service.
  • Web analytics and dashboards.
  • Language translation support.
  • Connection to Job Board – Potential revenue sharing for chapters.
  • Additional features determined by pilot feedback. 

Sitecore is the new chapter platform. This is the same platform as, which enables better connectivity to PMI and helps to create a seamless customer experience across all PMI platforms. For questions, please contact your Chapter Partner or Chapter Administrator.