Delaware Valley Chapter Highlight

Keeping the Promise

On Wednesday, 13 March the Delaware Valley chapter was excited about their next volunteering commitment at the Annual Science Expo hosted by the Young Men and Women in Charge Foundation (YMWIC) when they received an unexpected email. The email was from Mr. Richard Roberts III, Founder and President of YMWIC announcing the expo would still happen on Saturday, 21 March BUT now it will be conducted virtually due to COVID-19.

Yes, that gave the chapter only eight days to adapt their support for this event to an online capacity. But the chapter persevered and supported the YMWIC foundation with 13 Delaware Valley Chapter (PMI-DVC) members assisting with event preparation and execution. After all, a promise is a promise and the chapter was committed to keeping theirs.

And, with the support and continued commitment of the chapter the virtual expo was a success with approximately 110 students ranging from elementary to high school. The students joined one of the 10 Webex classrooms to present their projects in front of judges. Each virtual classroom hosted, sequentially, 4 to 6 projects for a grand total of 65 projects.

Students, families and educators were so grateful the competition continued as they were able to show off their many months of hard work. And, it was all kept on schedule because of the dedication of the Delaware Valley chapter.

What is the mission of the Young Men and Women in Charge Foundation? (YMWIC)

The mission of YMWIC is to empower and prepare economically disadvantaged and historically underrepresented youth to excel and become leaders in STEM careers through academic tutoring, mentoring and financial assistance programs, accomplished by leveraging partnerships with K-12 school districts, universities, corporations, and the Foundation’s committed partners.

The PMI-DVC has supported various activities and events of YMWIC for many years. PMI-DVC members offered operational support by recommending tools and processes for programs such as the Science Expo and Staff Status reporting.