Important Details Regarding PMI’s new eCommerce Platform

Chapter Guest Pass Codes: Chapter Guest Pass Codes have been reissued. Each PMI Chapter should have received 150 new codes to distribute following the launch of the eCommerce platform. All Chapter Guest Pass Codes circulated prior to 21 April 2020 have become obsolete.

Chapter Membership Renewal: Existing customers who have opted out of auto-renewal for Chapter membership will not be automatically presented with their chapter membership due for renewal at the same time as their PMI membership, and will need to repurchase their Chapter membership separately as part of the new checkout flow. Please note, we know that the ability to renew chapter and PMI membership at the same time is an important functionality and it has been prioritized for launch later this year. Also, note that this does not affect members who have opted into membership auto-renewal. In addition, with the new system, there is no longer a grace period given after membership expires. Those with a lapsed membership will automatically be charged the US$10 application fee in addition to dues. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care.

Adding a Chapter Membership during Checkout: For a new customer interested in purchasing a chapter membership, the cart sends the customer to the legacy application and then brings them back to the new eCommerce experience when they add the chapter membership to their cart. Please watch the demo of the customer experience.

Chapter Leader Book Purchases: When a Chapter leader logs in to, they are now identified as a Chapter leader based on their profile, and eligible titles are automatically displayed at a 55% discount. They no longer need to check a box to receive the discount.  For off-line orders, Chapter Leaders will now need to contact PMI Customer Care rather than PMI’s book fulfillment vendor, PBD, to facilitate order placement. 

Automation of Student ID Verification: SheerID plugs into the eCommerce experience and allows students to have their student membership verified as they are in the purchase flow, rather than emailing their documentation to PMI. This is for English-language only at this point in time.

Shipping Rates: Shipping is now calculated in real-time using UPS retail rates, and based on a combination of product weight and distance from PMI’s fulfillment center. Longer shipping distances and heavier product weights could result in higher shipping costs than were charged in the past using flat shipping rates. We encourage all customers outside of the U.S. to research the cost of purchasing PMI titles via as they may receive better shipping options.

The implementation of this platform supports the realization of our PMI2.0 strategy through our customer-centricity goals. Please reach out to your Chapter Partner if you have any questions or concerns.