Chapter Collaboration Platform

Chapter Leaders Around the World Want to Connect – We Have Exciting News

We made a commitment in our Transformation Plan, stating: “PMI Global will provide the technology to enable all chapter activities and touchpoints to seamlessly integrate with the overall PMI customer experience.”

To support the vision set forth by transformation, a Chapter Collaboration Platform (CCP) was developed as a Minimum Value Product (MVP). CCP is a digital platform built as a standardized communication portal for PMI’s global chapter leaders to enable meaningful interactions and drive chapter integration and interchapter collaboration, which will ultimately lead to community growth and increased volunteer work efficiency.

CCP will allow PMI chapter leaders—at no cost—to connect, interact, learn and share with their peers around the globe. It is intended to replace the current Online Leadership Communities (OLCs) and will offer many additional collaboration capabilities.

What Research was Done to Support the Development of the Platform?

In 2019, PMI, in collaboration with KPMG, performed research to determine the best collaboration practices among chapter leaders from different regions of the world. Through focus groups and interviews with chapter leaders, this data revealed the current pain points to effective collaboration among PMI chapter leaders globally. In addition, during the project requirements collection stage in Q4 2019, the CCP team:

  • Held focus groups at the Leadership Institute Meeting—North America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and the Region 8 Meeting (Europe) in Brussels, Belgium; and
  • Performed interviews with emerging professionals to capture the needs of that stakeholder group.

What will the CCP Offer?

Based on collected stakeholder requirements, some of the initial features of the platform will include: 

  • Ability to search and find PMI- or chapter leader-created content (e.g., documents, videos, blogs, podcasts) by using keywords, dates, chapter, language, etc.
  • Ability to search and connect to chapter leaders by certain criteria (e.g., role, language, country, etc.)
  • Collaboration and communication tools (instant messages, video and audio abilities, forums, etc.)
  • Ability for chapter leaders to co-create
  • Translation capabilities (Phase 2)
  • Ability to contribute content by upload (e.g., documents, videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.)

What is the Project Timeline?


What are the Next Steps for the Project?

The CCP project team, with the help of the Chapter Development department, identified about 100 global chapter leaders and representatives from global volunteer groups, who have been invited to test the MVP during May–June 2020. At the end of the testing period, we will prioritize the feedback received, implement changes and conduct final internal testing. In Q3 2020 we plan to launch the CCP to all chapter leaders globally. We are excited to bring this new collaboration opportunity to its global community of chapter leaders for greater value creation and exchange. Watch out for more updates as the project progresses.

For questions, please contact your chapter partner or chapter administrator.