Youth Stakeholder Group

Helpful Hints From the Youth Stakeholder Group

Is your chapter missing what could be a key part of your community? Students and emerging professionals are in need of the project management community now more than ever before, and they could become a vital part of your membership and future leadership. A Youth Engagement Working Group has been formed to learn best practices from chapters that are focusing on these target groups. And while we are just getting started, we are already learning!

Mindset Matters

While it’s a no-brainer to say that students have a different mindset than those who have been in the workforce for many years, approaching this group can take a different dynamic. Try asking yourself the following:

  • Are your meetings accessible to students without transportation?
  • For students who aren’t yet familiar with project management, is there a different language or terminology that can help bridge the gap of understanding?
  • Can you connect the dots for students new to project management by utilizing school projects or social good projects?
  • Do your events for students have an academic focus?
  • Are your programs and approach flexible enough to work for secondary school and/or university-level students?
  • How willing is the chapter’s leadership to be flexible and try new things to attract this audience?

Keeping the above questions in mind may help you to tailor your chapter’s offerings to the needs of students, whether they are in secondary school or university, or just beginning their career. And it’s perfectly acceptable to not have all the answers. All you need to do is try new ideas!