Get in on the Ground Floor With Kickoff

What is it?

Kickoff is a free, 45-minute digital learning tool that guides anyone associated with a project through the basics of project management, so that teams can successfully launch projects— from start to finish—as an effective unit. This unique product, developed in collaboration with Tech Mahindra, and available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Simplified Chinese is complete with both agile and waterfall tracks, bite-sized content, downloadable templates and useful questions to ask stakeholders. Kickoff is the fastest way to kick-start projects the right way.

What problem does it solve?

The majority of projects in the workplace are managed by “accidental” project managers, e.g., a marketing specialist tasked with spearheading a multichannel campaign or a product manager launching a major feature set. Without prior project management training, these inexperienced project managers are often set up to fail. Kickoff empowers any project leader or team member with fundamental project management savvy and actionable templates to manage their projects successfully.

Who is it for?

Kickoff supports nonproject-minded professionals, or “accidental” project managers, in quickly learning the basics. It can also be implemented by project management office (PMO) leads and C-suite executives as a fast-and-free training resource, as well as by formal project managers as a means to ramp up “green” project team members.

How do I get access?

Visit and sign in with your PMI login credentials.

Please note: This product has entered a pilot phase to test for the most effective messaging, audience and product/market fit. Please feel free to share the news with colleagues and personal contacts. However, in order to preserve the sanctity of the pilot launch, please refrain from sharing this news broadly on social media. As this product prepares to launch more widely, we will provide any appropriate social media messaging to share this exciting news.