Wicked Problem Solving Course Now Available

What is it?

The Wicked Problem Solving Practitioner course teaches individuals to ask the right questions, make ideas visible and engage with forward actions to turn ideas into reality. Developed in collaboration with internationally renowned innovation educator and design thinker Tom Wujec, the 10-hour online course contains videos and activities, accompanied by either a physical or a virtual tool kit (an online whiteboard collaboration tool, Miro) allowing learners to solve problems collaboratively.

What types of problems does it solve?

Every industry, every profession and every level within an organization is plagued with uncertain and complex “wicked” problems. Wicked Problem Solving teaches learners how to approach any problem or challenge—big or small, tactical or strategic, business or personal. The course content focuses on three fundamental skills of asking the right questions, making ideas visible and engaging with forward actions to take teams from irresolution to resolution.

Who is it for?

Wicked Problem Solving was designed to meet the needs of project managers, change makers, client-focused consultants and senior leaders seeking to solve complex—or “wicked”—problems.

How do I purchase it?

Navigate to our newly redesigned website to learn more and to purchase the product. Be on the lookout for further information regarding Wicked Problem Solving chapter engagement.