Chapter Collaboration Platform

PMI Chapter Leaders Around the World Connected Through the PMI Chapter Collaboration Platform!

Announced in May 2020, the Chapter Collaboration Platform (CCP) was developed to support the vision set forth by PMI’s Transformation Plan as part of the enhanced Chapter Channel Experience. The goal of CCP is to provide a single solution for communication and documentation needs for all PMI volunteers that support chapters. CCP will allow PMI chapter leaders at no cost to connect, interact, learn, and share with their chapter leader peers around the globe.

The CCP pilot platform was tested by different stakeholder group representatives (chapter leaders, Region Mentors, Chapter Insight Team, Chapter Development staff, etc.) during May-August 2020 and now the platform is available for the larger audience!

Who is the platform for?

  • To start, CCP access will be given to anyone in the Component System, and a few specific stakeholder groups like Region Mentors, Chapter Insight Team, SMEs and supporting staff
  • A future vision expands the collaboration opportunities with CCP to other PMI volunteer groups

What are the initial platform’s features?

  • Calendar: ability to list events including many useful details that are searchable for other users
  • Chat, collaboration & communication tools: connect through instant messages, open channels and communities
  • Chapter Directory: ability to search for PMI chapters and leaders by certain criteria (i.e., city, region, size, names etc.)
  • Documents: ability to store/share and manage documents, search for PMI or chapter leader created content by using keywords
  • Find volunteers like you: Looking to gather leaders in the same role as yours to discuss the newest programs of PMI and best practices to use them? You are now able to locate these peers in CCP and connect immediately!

How do you access the platform?

What’s next?

  • Check out the New/Coming Soon section on CCP where we continuously post information on the most recent updates of the platform’s features and on the future enhancements.

PMI is excited to bring this new collaboration opportunity to its global community of chapter leaders for greater value creation and exchange! Check out the FAQ on CCP for further details on the platform. Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us at [email protected]. Help us to further develop the platform to better respond to your needs. We are looking forward to seeing you on

For questions, please contact your Chapter Partner or Chapter Administrator.