Charter Agreement Renewal

PMI Proposed Charter Agreement Now Ready for Chapter Leaders to Review

Announced in July, PMI has initiated a review of the PMI Charter Agreement to align with the policies and affiliation terms which resulted from PMI’s strategy transformation. So far, the charter agreement was reviewed by the global chapter development team with advice from the corporate governance department, region mentors, the chapter insight team and the PMI leadership team. The feedback received was incorporated, and a proposed version of the charter agreement has been created.

Now it’s time for chapter leaders to contribute to the process. Interested in all details related to the revision of the charter agreement? Please check out the Charter Agreement FAQ document.

What’s next after the review?

The charter agreement revision team will consider the feedback received from chapter leaders and finalize the review of the charter agreement. All chapter presidents will be required to sign the new charter agreement in early 2021.

For questions, please contact your chapter partner or chapter administrator.