Charter Agreement Renewal FAQ

Q1. What is the Charter Agreement?
A. The PMI Charter Agreement is the key governing document outlining PMI’s responsibilities to affiliated chapters and vice versa. The Charter Agreement is renewed annually through the Annual Chapter Charter Renewal Process. Key topics covered:

  • PMI’s Responsibilities to the Chapter
  • PMI Reservation of Certain Rights
  • Chapter Name, Relationship and Independent Status/Chapter Representations
  • Chapter Territory
  • Chapter Governance Documents
  • Prohibitions
  • Chapter Use of PMI Intellectual Property
  • Termination
  • Dissolution etc.

Q2. What is the Annual Charter Renewal Process?
A. The charter renewal process is a compliance requirement and is integral to the chapter’s annual planning process as well as pre-qualification for Annual Chapter Awards. Through the Charter Renewal, PMI chapters record completion of requirements and their achievements for the previous business year. This provides an opportunity to recognize chapters that have delivered exceptional quality to its members as well as those that may need help and support. Annual due date for Charter Renewal submission is 31 March.

Q3. Why is PMI updating the Charter Agreement?
A. The Charter Agreement was last updated in 2012 and requires updates as a result of PMI's transformation. Through this update the aim is to achieve alignment between PMI and its affiliated chapters regarding PMI’s strategy and policies.

Q4. What are the updates?
A. The updates refer to PMI policies and affiliation terms as a result of PMI’s strategy transformation, including:

  • Impacts around PMI’s new and updated programs & products (e.g., Authorized Training Partner program, Annual Plan & Catalog of Core Services, etc.)
  • Greater specificity on key topics (e.g., election process, financial transactions and contracts within the chapter, PMI intellectual property, branding guidelines, etc.)
  • Updates to use of PMI membership information and data. Additional data privacy language to account for new and evolving laws and regulations
  • Specifying language controls when interpreting governing documents. Referring to legal precedents concerning governing documents (local language vs. English)
  • Chapters’ alignment to PMI Strategy

Q5. Who was involved in the revision process of the Charter Agreement?
A. The Global Chapter Development department with advice of the Corporate Governance department have identified a list of changes to the Charter Agreement which reflect PMI’s strategy transformation. In addition, the draft of the revised Charter Agreement was shared with the Region Mentors and the members of the Chapter Insight Team for review and input.

Q6. How about the chapter leaders? Were they consulted?
A. The revised Charter Agreement will be open for chapter leader review in October.

Q7. What is the project timeline?

Charter Agreement Renewal Timeline

Q8. Why should PMI chapters adopt the changes to the Charter Agreement?
A. Chapters are key stakeholders in executing PMI’s strategic plan. The changes to the charter enable chapters to be part of driving PMI's mission and strategy. By adopting the updated version of the Charter Agreement, the chapters will be aligned to PMI’s strategy, which will enable greater agility and acceleration in achieving PMI’s overall outcomes (growth, Net Promoter Score, Customer Lifetime Value, market leadership).

Q9. Who do I reach out to should I have additional questions regarding the revised Charter Agreement?
A. You may reach out to your Chapter Partner/Chapter Administrator for advice.