First PMI Citizen Development Products Now Available

The field of project management is evolving, and technology is playing a larger role in enabling project managers . Citizen development is a fast-growing tool for individuals, including project professionals, with “no code, low code” skills to develop applications. PMI will leverage our proven leadership in delivering methodology and governance to help organizations learn how to safely and securely implement a CD program with the potential to reduce application development times and vastly increase productivity.

The first PMI citizen development products are now available for bulk purchase by organizations: the PMI Citizen Developer Body of Knowledge (CDBOKTM) and Foundation, an e-Learning course. Learn more on the Citizen Developer landing page and Citizen Developer FAQ document, then share your excitement using this suggested social media copy:

  • LinkedIn/Facebook: Picture a workplace where employees are able to quickly and securely create their own #software solutions. @PMInstitute is making it possible by empowering individuals and teams to implement new technologies themselves, driving digital transformation forward. Check out the first platform-agnostic educational resources to help your organization implement and scale #citizendevelopment practices. Learn more: 
  • Twitter: Learn how @PMInstitute can help your organization implement #low-code/#no-code #tech at scale, accelerating app development and value delivery in a secure and measured way. #citizendeveloper