Common Denominator—the Human Factor

2020—you marked a before and after in our lives; you undoubtedly occupy a crucial place in our history and, consequently, in our way of thinking. You have underlined something, that although we already knew, sometimes we overlooked its importance—the human factor.

We, the PMI Andalucía Chapter, since our III Annual Congress, wanted to be a platform in which all of us, as project managers or future project managers, could have the opportunity of learning how to effectively integrate the human factor in our projects and, of course, highlight its undeniable importance.

The success of our projects is met when the results are as we planned, that is, to achieve the scope in time, cost and with the expected quality. Projects usually are full of measurement tools that provide a sense of security, and at the same time, they all are surrounded by many and diverse problems. Consequently, the main focus tends to be dispersed, that means, the factor that has the ability to transform the result into a successful result is secondary. Once again, that factor is the human factor.

To be able to lead our team properly, it is not only necessary to know what we have to do, since “knowing what you have to do is not the same as knowing how to do it, and knowing how to do it, is not the same as doing it successfully.” Starting from this premise, throughout our III Annual Congress, we explored a series of strategies to implement, practice and enhance the human factor within our projects, among which we can highlight:

  • Strategy 1: Position yourself to win and maintain a high level of influence.
  • Strategy 2: Create a safe space to use disagreement and difficulties as enhancers.
  • Strategy 3: Activate the leadership of each of the team members.

The year 2020 brought us social distancing, but we did not let it make a dent. PMI Andalusia Chapter overcame barriers, thanks to technology. We managed to approach everyone virtually, thanks to the service of the project directors: networking activities and a multitude of surprises, such as the creation of a word cloud, a game show where everyone tests the level of involvement and commitment with the chapter and the project community.

2020, in the last month of the year, when the famous HO-HO-HO was among the most popular sounds, the III Annual Congress of Project Managers invited us to combine it with the CO-CO-CO: CO-create together to maximize opportunities of success, Public-private COllaboration through the Project Accelerator Unit of the Junta de Andalucía, and all of this combined with good visual COmmunication.

Dark haired woman on the screen of a laptop

2020, you marked a before and after, and I personally want to give you thanks for that and for reminding us that the center of our projects and our lives is the human factor.

Saray Morrondo García.
Responsible for Events (PMI Andalusia Chapter).

signature of Saray Morrondo García