Chapter Guest Pass +

It works like the Chapter Guest Pass program but now it gives you MORE for your recruitment efforts. For the duration of 2021 PMI GHQ will increase the Chapter Guest Pass reimbursement and reward chapters for reaching key milestones. Reimbursement is now up to US$1,500 (instead of US$500). In addition to the rewards for reaching key milestones, three chapters, from each of PMI’s seven regions (Latin America, Asia Pacific, India/South Asia, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA and North America), in each size category (1 small, 1 medium and 1 large) will receive special recognition in PMInsight. And, also, receive a web banner for the most recruited new chapter members in 2021.

The details on reimbursement and rewards are as follows:

  • Chapters that reach the 500 Club will be reimbursed the usual US$500 AND an additional US$500, for a total of US$1,000. 
    For example:  If Chapter “X” dues are US$20, the chapter needs 25 new chapter members to redeem their chapter guest passcode.  In this example, 25 new members equal US$500 and the chapter reaches “500 Club”.  If the chapter reaches 500 Club, the chapter will be reimbursed the US$500 AND an additional US$500 for reaching the milestone, and so on.
  • Chapters that reach the “1,000” Club will be reimbursed an additional US$500, for a total of US$1,500.
  • Chapters that reach the “1,500” Club will receive two passes to a Virtual Experience Series (VES) event in 2022 and a special web banner. The VES passes are a great “giveaway” to support your recruitment or retention strategies.

You can use your chapter’s existing Chapter Guest Pass promotional codes.

Do you need more promotional codes?

Please direct your chapter representative to fill out this form. There has been a small change to the process. Instead of receiving multiple codes, you will receive ONE universal code unique to your chapter. This new unique code will allow PMI GHQ to track progress for reimbursement purposes. Please remember, single chapter unique codes will expire on 31 January 2022.

If you have any further questions on the program, please review FAQs or reach out to your chapter representative.