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  •  Changing the world is no small feat, but #project teams have found a way to do it time and time again. Check out @Project Management Institute’s ranked list of the most #influentialprojects of the last 50 years. As a profession, how will we need to transform over the next 50 years? #projectmanagement #disruption #transformation #innovation
  • From the World Wide Web to the euro, project teams have demonstrated their ability to turn big ideas into reality. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, @Project Management Institute is honoring the most #influentialprojects of the past 50 years and the people who made them happen. #projectmanagement #disruption #innovation #transformation


  • In celebration of its 50th year, @PMInstitute unveils a ranked list of the most #influentialprojects of the past 50 years! How do you honor the work of project teams in your organization? #pmot 
  • The world would be a very different place without these #influentialprojects That’s why @PMInstitute is highlighting the most #innovative achievements from the past 50 years.


  • The world would be a very different place without these #influentialprojects. Join us in celebrating the most impactful achievements from the last 50 years and the project teams who made them possible.
  • Remember what the world was like 50 years ago? It was a world without internet, cell phones and many of the architectural marvels and forms of entertainment we enjoy today. Let’s celebrate the projects that changed the world. See who made the list:


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  •  50 Years. 50 Projects. 50 Lessons. @pmi_org ranks the most #influentialprojects in recent history, and honors the #project teams that have shaped our profession—and our world. Visit #projectmanagement #projectmanager #innovation #transformation #disruption #inspiration #creativity
  • As #projectmanagement continues to change the world, we’re taking a look back with @pmi_org to celebrate the most #influentialprojects in recent history and the teams that made them possible. Visit #projectmanagement #projectmanager #innovation #transformation #disruption #inspiration #creativity