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  • Project categorization systems and their use in organizations member content open

    By Crawford, Lynn | Hobbs, J. Brian | Turner, J. Rodney This paper presents a summary of the results of an investigation of project categorization systems initiated and supported by the Project Management Institute. The primary focus of this research…

  • Program management as an emergent order phenomenon member content open

    By Thiry, Michel | Deguire, Manon Documented case studies are essential in helping program management evolve, in helping the field build its body of knowledge and develop a theoretical framework. This paper examines a…

  • Program and portfolio managers member content open

    By Blomquist, Tomas | Müller, Ralf Too often, project management practitioners and researchers freely interchange three unrelated terms: multi-project management, program management, and portfolio management. And in doing so, they…

  • Moving from corporate strategy to project strategy member content open

    By Morris, Peter W. G. Although many management professionals attest to the significant role project management plays in helping organizations more effectively and efficiently implement corporate strategy, the literature…

  • Project portfolio earned value management using Treemaps member content open

    By Cable, John H. | Ordonez, Javier F. | Chintalapani, Gouthami | Plaisant, Catherine One of the great challenges facing organizations that implement project portfolio management (PPM) is their capability to efficiently and effectively track project performance across the entire…

  • Questioning the rational assumption underlying decision-making within project portfolio management literature member content open

    By Eskerod, Pernille | Blichfeldt, Bodil Stilling | Toft, Anni Stagaard The literature on project portfolio management (PPM) traditionally views decision-making as a rational practice. But research on decision-making practices suggests that the process of choosing is…

  • Project management office member content open

    By Aubry, Monique | Hobbs, J. Brian | Thuillier, Denis By publishing OPM3 and standards on program and portfolio management, PMI is contributing to the field's expanding view of managing projects, one that involves achieving strategic objectives through…

  • Industry models of project portfolio management and their development member content open

    By Artto, Karlos A. | Dietrich, Perttu H. | Ikonen, Taina How can project portfolio management be structured and developed in an organization with multiple projects? Dr. Artto describes aspects of project portfolio management content and their development…

  • Public sector requirements towards project portfolio management member content open

    By Martinsuo, Miia | Dietrich, Perttu H. Recent research has shown that those research and development (R&D) organizations which are practicing project portfolio management (PPM) are improving their overall performance. Other studies have…

  • A comparison of drum-buffer-rope (DBR) and critical chain (CC) buffering techniques member content open

    By Gray, Van | Felan, Joe | Umble, Elisabeth | Umble, Michael The pressures associated with global competition, increases in customer focus and shortened manufacturing lead-times, corporate downsizing, and changing Third World economies have created many…