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    Researching the Value of Project Management member content locked

    By Janice Thomas, PhD and Mark Mullaly, PMP Consulting and practitioner literature often discusses and proclaims project management value; however the actual value resulting from investments in project management has been hard to define, let…

  • linking-pm-to-business-strategy thumbnail.png

    Linking Project Management to Business Strategy member content locked

    By Aaron J. Shenhar, Dragan Milosevic, Dov Dvir, Hans Thamhain Organizations often focus on short-term results, such as immediate financial goals. However, projects are expected to achieve results that link back to an organization’s overall business strategy.…

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    Project Categorization Systems member content locked

    By Lynn Crawford, PhD, Brian Hobbs, PhD and Rodney Turner, PhD The ability to efficiently manage complex new projects is directly affected by an organization's ability to remember past successes and learn from past challenges. Yet in many organizations this…