Project Managers as Senior Executives: Volume 2

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Can project managers actually become senior executives? If not, what can be done to allow them to climb the ladder? What are the odds? How can a project manager better design his or her career development to take advantage of these opportunities? These questions and more are answered in Project Managers as Senior Executives, the new newest addition to PMI’s ever-growing published library of research-based studies.

Based on face-to-face interviews with more than 40 senior executives and project managers from six countries, an extensive literature search, and online questionnaires, the authors, who are top project leaders in the project management community, provides empirical evidence and addresses three fundamental hypotheses and a series of nine research questions. Project Managers as Senior Executives maps out a model for advancement for program and project managers and contributes new thinking on the emerging leadership of project managers as senior executives.

The research is published in two volumes. Volume I—Research Results, Advancement Model, and Action Proposals presents the results and proposals from the study and Volume 2—How the Research Was Conducted: Methodology, Detailed Findings, and Analyses contains the research-oriented materials from the study.


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