Project Management Institute

Eligibility Criteria

2020 Funding Cycle

Academic researchers at accredited colleges/universities and non-profit research institutes are eligible for PMI sponsored research funding. Independent consultants or consulting firms and other for-profit enterprises are not eligible. No grants are made to individuals.

Consultants and practitioners may be members of the research team, but cannot be principal investigators unless they have an academic appointment at an eligible organization, i.e., university/non-profit research institute. Consultants and/or practitioners on the research team who do not hold a university appointment may be paid as independent contractors by the university receiving the grant.

Students may be members of the research team but cannot be principal investigators. Graduate students may wish to apply for the Thesis Research Grant ( Students who receive a Thesis Research Grant are not eligible to participate in a PMI Sponsored Research project on the same topic.

Investigators may submit no more than three proposals in a grant cycle. This rule holds irrespective of the author’s role on the project (i.e., principal investigator, co-investigator, researcher, consultant, etc.).

Applicants who are principal investigators in a current PMI Sponsored Research Grant are eligible for a new award only if the final manuscript for the active project has been submitted to and approved by PMI Academic Programs by the date on which second round proposals are due in the new funding cycle.

If an institution currently has an active PMI Sponsored Research Grant, PMI will consider funding another proposal from a different investigator at this university/institution in the new funding cycle. However, PMI Academic Programs reserves the right to omit from consideration proposals from the institution in question based on the history of its current and past investigators on previously funded PMI projects.

An academic department within a university is eligible for only one grant in a funding cycle.

Grants are limited to study periods of no more than two years, with rare exception.

PMI will not fund the development of software simulations.

Historical research will not be considered.


1 February – 25 April
Call for Preliminary Proposals

19 June
1st Round Notification

31 July
2nd Round Due

15 November
Final Decision

1 January
Project Initiation