Request for Proposals

2019 Funding Cycle

PMI is pleased to announce its Request for Proposals (RFP) for 2019 research funding (up to US$50,000) on topics related to project, program, or portfolio management (PPPM).

We invite proposals from scholars both within and outside the field of project management (e.g. management and/or its sub-fields, organizational psychology, sociology, education, linguistics, communications, etc.), whose themes and perspectives have direct application to some aspect of the project management body of knowledge or its practice.

We encourage thoughtful and innovative proposals on any topic, with few notable exceptions. We do not accept submissions focused on mathematical/operations research topics with little or no direct application. This includes research whose rationale does not stem from real world issues or that does not include empirical testing on actual projects. We will entertain proposals on macro level perspectives such as knowledge transfer across projects.

Research proposals submitted for consideration MUST:

  1. Address the extent to which the outcomes of the project are “practitioner-ready.” The research needs to demonstrate the direct contribution to practice, not simply a discussion of implications.
  2. Have a theoretical framework which must be explicitly identified in the proposal.

Methodology should be properly matched to the research question. Quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approaches are given equal consideration provided that the selected methodology produces the data to achieve the project aims and that it is sufficiently elaborated in the proposal. Single and multiple case studies will also be given consideration for funding. Please note that decisions for funding are solely based on the quality of the work, and awards are not restricted to a quota of the types of proposals submitted.

Final Deliverables


  • Final Report describing methodology, results and practical applications of the project, in a format provided by PMI,
  • Primary article suitable for submission to the Project Management Journal
  • 1-hour Webinar for a practitioner audience


  • Presentation at a peer-reviewed academic or practitioner conference
  • Summary of research for reflective practitioners (4-6 page written research summary in a format provided by PMI)
  • Article for online publication on

Preliminary proposals will be accepted between 1 February and 25 April 2018. For detailed information on eligibility criteria and submission guidelines, please visit


1 February – 25 April
Call for Preliminary Proposals

19 June 1st
Round Notification

31 July 2nd
Round Due

15 November
Final Decision

1 January
Project initiation