Sponsored Research Program Request for Proposals

The application process has closed and will reopen in 2023.

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We invite proposals from scholars both within and outside the field of project management, and/or its sub-fields, whose themes and perspectives have direct application to some aspect of the project management body of knowledge or its practice.

While this is an open call for research in the field of project management, special consideration will be given to proposals that address the following topics:

  • How organizations have adapted/changed with the emergence of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)
  • Building decision-making, critical thinking, and confidence among individuals in their early career stage
 Research proposals submitted for consideration must:
  • Be written in English.
  • Address the extent to which the outcomes of the project are “practitioner-ready.” The research needs to demonstrate the direct contribution to practice, not simply a discussion of implications.
  • Have a theoretical framework which must be explicitly identified in the proposal.

For more information contact the PMI Academic Research team at [email protected].

Funding Guidelines

  • See full funding guidelines here.
  • The award is a fixed-price grant of up to US$50,000. Payments are distributed in three installments.
    • An initial payment of 60% (up to USD$30,000) is distributed upon the execution of the research agreement.
    • A second payment of 30% (up to USD$15,000) is distributed upon the completion of the data collection.
    • A final payment of 10% (up to USD$5,000) is distributed upon delivery of the final report and other deliverables to PMI.

Eligibility Criteria

Principal Investigators:
  • Academic researchers at accredited colleges/universities and nonprofit research institutes. Independent consultants or consulting firms and other for-profit enterprises are not eligible.  No grants are made to individuals.
  • Consultants and practitioners may be members of the research team, but cannot be principal investigators unless they have an academic appointment at an eligible organization. Consultants and/or practitioners on the research team who do not hold a university appointment may be paid as independent contractors by the university receiving the grant.
  • Students may be members of the research team but cannot be principal investigators. Graduate students may wish to apply for the Thesis Research Grant- see more information on the Thesis Research Grant (PMI.org/Research). Students who receive a Thesis Research Grant are not eligible to participate in a PMI Sponsored Research project on the same topic.
  • Researcher cannot have more than one grant funded within a three year period.
  • Investigators may submit any number of proposals for a first round review (3 page proposal). However, regardless of the number of 1st round proposals accepted, the principal investigator may only submit one proposal (10 page proposal) to the second round. This rule holds irrespective of the author's role on the project (i.e., principal investigator, co-investigator, researcher, consultant, etc.). A single principal investigator and/or an academic department within a university is eligible for only one grant in a funding cycle.
  • Applicants who are principal investigators in a current PMI Sponsored Research Grant are eligible for a new award only if the final deliverables have been received.
  • Grants are limited to study periods of no more than two years, with rare exception.
  • PMI will not fund the development of software simulations.
  • Historical research will not be considered.
  • Methodology must be properly matched to the research question. Quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approaches are given equal consideration provided that the selected methodology produces the data to achieve the project aims and that it is sufficiently elaborated in the proposal. Single and multiple case studies will also be given consideration for funding. Decisions for funding are solely based on the quality of the work, and awards are not restricted to a quota of the types of proposals submitted.

Learn More about the Submission Guidelines

PMI Academic Resources reserves the right to omit from consideration proposals from the institution in question-based on the track record of its current and past investigators on previously funded PMI projects.