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A/E's, Owners, & Contractors: Managing Projects to Success


The general business environment to which construction projects respond consists of economic, political, physical, and social aspects. However, the commonly used definition of project management does not address all the grounds mentioned. Often, with depressing regularity, projects that were completed with an apparent success in time, cost and quality, still ended with dissatisfaction or conflict resulting in litigation and arbitration. Defining project success requires conceptual thinking. We need to conceive a project as a 'linked chain of measured achievements' and the success definition needs to be measurable. This 5-hour interactive online course consists of eight sections providing the information and procedures for owners, owner representatives, architects, engineers, and contractors to complete satisfactory successful projects. This course also includes recommendations for the increasingly important concern of health, safety and welfare of workers at the jobsite.

This course provides a solid foundation and the procedures necessary for successful Project Management. It consists of eight sections. Sections 2, 3, and 4 discuss the choices, limitations and expectations from the viewpoint of the owner, the design professional, and the contractor.

What You Will Learn

  • Focus on the complete process of project management.
  • Conduct effective and productive meetings.
  • Understand the expectations and limitations of the other participant parties.
  • Use easy to follow charts for project tracking.
  • Efficiently use Time, Costs, Quality, and Conflict controls.
  • Recognize and prevent potential claim situations.
  • Complete satisfactory and successful projects.

Who Should Take This Course

Project Managers, Functional Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Sales Management, Customer Account Representatives, Business Analysts, Project Sponsors, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Instructors

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