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Assess and Prepare for Organizational Change: Change Management


Is your organization prepared for change? Program changes within any enterprise can be difficult and costly. To manage them successfully, you need to ensure that your business is prepared. Practice your skills as you manage a hotel and casino renovation through this highly interactive course.

This course is the first in the Program Change Management Series. The setting is Nice, France; due to an economic downturn, 5-star resorts are no longer profitable. In order to adapt to the changing economy, the luxurious Newport Hotel needs to change its level of service to from 5-star elegance to the more in-demand 4-star level, much to the concern of the hotel management and staff (internal stakeholders). Travel agents, travel critics and loyal guests (external stakeholders) will need to be convinced that the Newport is still a player in this new, downscaled resort industry. Place your bet on whether your virtual organization is ready for change. Confident in your choices? Double down on your skills and hit the jackpot!

What You Will Learn

  • Assessing a business case study and identifying relevant information required for the initial organizational assessment
  • Interviewing stakeholders to determine and document needs, issues, and priorities
  • Evaluating the organization's readiness to change based upon quantitative and qualitative employee satisfaction information
  • Identifying program management tools and techniques to utilize in synthesizing and documenting gathered information
  • Creating a stakeholders register to track stakeholder concerns and expectations
  • Creating a benefits register to define component project benefits and key performance indicators

Who Should Take This Course

Intermediate and advanced level program managers and change managers

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