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Assess Requirements Delivery: Investigate Your Project


Assessing the delivery of requirements is an ongoing process that is crucial for project success. This process ensures you that the project requirements will be met and that business goals will be achieved. This course is part of the Investigate Your Project series where the student is the private investigator for a project that has met its untimely demise. Using an interactive approach to planning requirements management, the student assists the undercover investigation team to ultimately determine where things went wrong.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Perform the Validate Scope steps in the proper order
  • Select project documents for stakeholder inspection and possible validation
  • Verify deliverables for stakeholder inspection and possible validation
  • Facilitate an inspection of documents and verified deliverables by a sponsor and stakeholder group to generate appropriate signoffs and change requests
  • Select project documents to update based on customer signoffs and change requests
  • Refine initial change requests with a business analyst to meet requirements criteria
  • Update a lessons learned document

Who Should Take This Course

Business analysts, project managers, program managers, and anyone who fears project failure.

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