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Basic Presentation Skills: Planning a Presentation


Even the most seasoned public speakers can experience nerves before a major presentation. The successful ones, however, have learned how to make those nerves work for them. Positive concern about the impact of a presentation can spur presenters to raise their game, enabling them to get the desired results. For example, a presentation can be immeasurably improved if you devote sufficient time and attention to three key steps—analyzing your audience, organizing your ideas, and selecting an appropriate presentation method. This course describes how to plan effectively for a presentation by carrying out these steps.

What You Will Learn

  • recognize how to analyze the audience for a presentation
  • identify the value of knowing the audience for a presentation
  • determine whether the steps in organizing ideas for a presentation have been carried out appropriately in a given scenario
  • match common types of presentations with descriptions

Who Should Take This Course

Individuals who want to improve their presentation skills

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