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Developing a High-performance Organization


Helping your organization to reach its full potential is among your most important responsibilities as a leader. In a modern competitive business environment, tapping an organization's potential for high performance not only helps it to be more competitive but also helps it to better respond to and manage the influence of external factors. In short, high-performance organizations are those with a competitive edge. Facilitating a high-performance environment requires the right skillset. This course helps you assess your organization's potential for high performance in terms of its mission statement, strategy, performance measurement strategies, customer orientation, leadership, and culture.

What You Will Learn

  • Identifying organizational factors that need to be coordinated for success
  • Determining if a mission statement supports a high-performance organization
  • Assessing whether an organization's performance measurement strategy is conducive to high performance
  • Recognizing actions to make an organization more customer focused
  • Recognizing typical actions of a leader of a high-performance organization in a scenario
  • Determining if an organization's culture supports high performance

Who Should Take This Course

Managers looking to improve their organization’s performance by developing their advanced management skills.

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