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Facilitating Collaborative Processes


In order to develop better and more successful solutions to work-related issues, you need to engage employees in collaborative processes such as planning, decision making, and problem solving. And to do this well, you must be a good facilitator. This course describes how to support collaborative processes by drawing on the principles of facilitation. These principles include empowering employees to engage with work and take responsibility, encouraging them to be creative, sharing relevant information openly and honestly, and helping employees see connections between their work and the work of others. The course describes how to apply these and other principles in collaborative sessions. In particular, it examines visioning sessions, where you want employees to contribute their ideas on what an ideal future looks like, and decision-making sessions, where you need to guide employees to reach a consensus about an important issue.

What You Will Learn

  • describe the principles of facilitation
  • recognize how to conduct a collaborative visioning session
  • recognize how to facilitate collaborative decision making
  • take steps to facilitate consensus during a decision making session in a given scenario

Who Should Take This Course

Team leaders, supervisors, managers, and anyone who has a facilitator role in the workplace

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