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Giving Feedback


The performance of any organization depends upon the performance of every individual. Giving feedback is a necessary skill and can involve anyone in an organization, whether it is manager-to-report, peer-to-peer, or report-to-manager. There are generally two types of feedback: positive feedback for reinforcing positive behavior, and corrective feedback for correcting negative behavior. The purpose of this course is to help you improve your skills in giving both types of feedback. The course starts by exploring the importance and purpose of feedback in general, and then discusses both positive and corrective feedback. You will also learn a three-step process for giving feedback, and will have a chance to practice giving feedback using this three-step process.

What You Will Learn

  • Matching the types of feedback to situations when they are used
  • The purposes feedback serves
  • Determining whether feedback was given effectively in a given scenario
  • Giving feedback using a three-step process

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone who wants to learn more about giving feedback

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