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IT Project Management Essentials: Executing IT Projects


The execution phase in an IT project is when the work gets going and the plan is transformed into action and results. From the start of this phase, it's important for the project manager to establish regular communications with project stakeholders—management, the development team, sponsors, and others—to keep them informed on how the project is progressing. In addition to communicating regularly with stakeholders, a project manager should ensure that the team works well together and that the deliverables are meeting the quality standards, as well as other objectives, set in the project plan. This course describes strategies for maintaining a cohesive project team, outlines ways to communicate project information to different stakeholders, and describes how to keep quality on track during the execution phase of a project.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognizing how to maintain a cohesive team during the execution phase of an IT project
  • Distinguishing between different methods of communicating IT project information
  • Matching tools used to determine cause of a quality issue to their descriptions

Who Should Take This Course

IT project managers and IT professionals preparing to take on IT project management responsibilities, as well as managers who support IT project managers

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